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This is our Vantage Pro Plus sensor - (wireless) on the roof of the J-building. It is line of sight to my classroom, so the transmitter easily makes it across the grass. The station was set up after school on 11 September, 2003, and we are starting to collect the data.

Data received in the classroom includes:

Temperature outside and inside the classroom
Humidity outside and inside the classroom
Wind speed and direction
Rainfall and Rainfall rates
Barometric Pressure
Solar Energy
Dew Point
Wind Chill

As I find upgraded computers, we will be able to put the data online live however, that may take a while :-) actually, it won't happen now.... the HIDOE made the server secure, and the data collection software only does ftp... :-( In the meantime, here is the

Monthly Data in NOAA format.

Keaau Middle School Weather

Cumulative - to March 2006 - Excel Spreadsheet
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October 2006
(transferred from one machine to another, and changed the elevation setting - so, data has to be fixed)
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January 2007
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April 2007
May 2007

post May 2007 data will be updated as I receive it from Mr Tominaga.


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