Weather Satellite Receiving Station

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The Ka'u High School Weather Satellite Receiving Station consists of:


Uniden / Bearcat BC244CLT Scanner
modified for wide bandwidth 
by SSC (Software Systems Consulting)
Crossed Yagi, Circular Polarized Antenna (on the left)

Ka'u Science Weather Station on the right
Crossed Yagi Sat antenna - left - weather station - right
Computer system with Sound Card input
(on the "projects" list - a pre-amp up at the antenna - we should be getting
(cleaner) signals from lower to the horizon )
(also, new portable system for demonstrations
Thanks again Lucas and NOAA)
      WXtoIMG Software

Takes audio from the sound card, turns it into an image,
enhances and adds borders and lat/long lines!
One issue that plagues computers - Time
This was a problem on the Win2000 machine running the station
- if it is a problem for you. May I suggest:

I've been using it now for the past several months, and it has near
eliminated the problem of offsets of the map and real islands.
Free for private, educational and charitable use.

Mr B's primer on watching satellites Mr B's Intro to Weather Satellites

These 4 satellites are the ones we are receiving. When they are within range of our ground station, we receive what they  "see"
If you want to do the same, download WXtoIMG (link above) - have a radio that can listen in wideband FM (some scanners) - and an antenna!

137.500 MHz
137.620 MHz
137.100 MHz

MOAE Suite

Weather Station Weather Page Weather Satellite Seismometer (in progress) Weather Webcam (in progress)

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Thanks Lucas Moxley and NOAA "Hawaii from Space"
It's been a long time to get this going!!!
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13 Feb 10 - ted Brattstrom