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We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade, and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because the challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win...
...Many years ago the great British explorer George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest, was asked why did he want to climb it. He said, "Because it is there." Well, space is there, and we're going to climb it, and the moon and the planets are there, and new hopes for knowledge and peace are there."  
John Fitzgerald Kennedy  12 Sept, 1962
Hawai'i Earthquakes USGS
KHS Weather Station - Current Weather 
KHS Satellite Images (tnx NOAA) 
HVO Webcams
On top of Snowy Mauna Kea - MrB
KHS from Above (from google earth)
Lava Lakes
Pu'u O'o Crater
Halema'uma'u Panorama
Halema'uma'u Vent
Monitoring Our Active Environment - MOAE
Pacific Weather from GOES 10
Kilauea Eruption Update
Weather Pole to Pole     Weather Around the Equator

Hawaii County Civil Defence Message
 MultiFrequencySun  MultiFrequencySunBIG
Fuzzy MultiFrequencySun   Fuzzy MultiFrequencySunBIG
Sulfur Dioxide
Big Island Time

UTC Time

 Big Island Radar and Satellite Weather

Alt 1 Radar from Ka'u Zoom

Radar from Kohala

Pacific View

Hawai'i View

Big Island Satellite Animation

Watch as the morning clouds develop over Ka'u and South Kona
- Good for growing Coffee

The Jetstream - Northern Hemisphere View

Hawaii Air Quality
Green-Good Yellow-Moderate Orange-Unhealthy for sensitive Groups
Red-Unhealthy Purple-Very Unhealthy Brown-Hazardous

World Sea Surface Temperatures and Tropical Storms

Wunderground Eastern Pacific Storms

Hilo Tides

Tides for Hilo
Halemaumau East
 Halemaumau West    

Views of Kilauea Caldera - Click to expand in a new tab

Northern Pacific Loop

Global water vapor
Water in the atmosphere that can fall as rain (if the conditions are right!)
Compare to the cloud maps above.
SSMI/SSMIS/TMI-derived Total Precipitable Water - Global

Hawaii Earthquakes

Hawaii Earthquakes
The USGS changed their quick and easy image of Hawaii Island Earthquakes to a sophisticated webpage. Nice work, but extra clicks to see what is happening...

World Earthquakes

legend  For the World - Bigger is Stronger / Red is Today / Orange is yesterday / Yellow is past 2 weeks.

World Earthquakes

last week on Kilauea

Where is ISS
This is where the International Space Station is Currently
dotted line means it is in shadow, continuous line means its in sunlight. It is moving to the right.
When you are in the dark, and ISS is in the light, (and close by) you can often see it!
Listen for Amateur Radio signals on 145.800 MHz FM - If you have a license - transmit voice on 144.900 MHz FM
More information on ARISS


Mauna Kea Webcams
Big Island of Hawaii

Watch for the guide star lasers at night

Gemini Telescope Dome
Gemini Dome - Mauna Kea - from CFHT

CFHT Dome - Mauna Kea - from Gemini
"Gemini" is the Gemini North Telescope - they have a twin in Chile
At night - you may see "stars" - actually, most are "bad pixels" in the camera
CHFT is the "Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope"
At night - you may see "stars" - actually, most are "bad pixels" in the camera

View from UKIRT @ Mauna Kea
View from Mauna Kea - from UKIRT

UKIRT is the "United Kingdom InfraRed Telescope"

Mauna Kea from Clean Air
Mauna Kea from NOAA Clean Air Station - Mauna Loa

This is place where the Keeling Curve comes from!

The Sun - Driver of the Weather

The Sun - extreme UV - 171 ångström - 1,000,000 K
Click the image to get the "multi frequency sun" page
CCD Bakeout??? Not your backyard BBQ

The Sun - Continuum - about what it would look like
Sunspots near the equator are Cycle 23 spots - farther North or South are new Cycle 24 spots
What Does a Spotted Sun Look Like? (from 2001 - the last peak)

rotating sun from STEREO

The sun according to STEREO - a pair of spacecraft "ahead" and"behind" the Earth's orbit,
to allow more of the sun to be seen. In the EUV at 195 ångström (similar to the SOHO image)

Soho for Comets and more

The Area around the sun - Watch for CME and Comets!
Sometimes Planets can be seen passing through the view. The random streaks are Cosmic Ray Strikes
Use the Sky Map at to find out what planets are wandering through


Solar Flux -a measure of the energy coming to us from the sun,shows how active the sun is
A is a moving average of the K,
K is a measure of the Geomagnetic activity (a good aurora predictor!)

Space Weather Glossary

Auroral Maps Extrapolated and forcast from NOAA Polar Orbiting Satellites


NOAA Southern Hemisphere Aurora Map


NOAA Northern Hemisphere Aurora Map

Antarctic Sky Aurora Cam

Sky Cam at Syowa Base, Antarctica - Watch for Aurora

Syowa Base, Antarctica
Alaska Aurora

Live Aurora Cam at Poker Flats, Alaska (N of Fairbanks)
look in winter when it is dark in Alaska)
courtesy - NICT, Japan

Live Aurora Cam from Sweden

look in Winter / when it's dark in Sweden! - See Aurora Map Above


Other Earth / Space Science Webcams (changes with the season and topics)

Antarctic & Penguin Mania

Click for Amundsen-scott, Antarctica Forecast

View from NOAA South Pole
The view from South Pole (NOAA)

If it is dark, they may have turned the camera off for the winter

Click for McMurdo, Antarctica Forecast

View from NZ Scott Base - McMurdo Sound - Antarctica
The View from Scott Base - McMurdo Sound (New Zealand Antarctic)

Around the "corner" from the US  base at McMurdo

Click image for a larger view
a second view
And a third

Click for Base Bernardo O'Higgins, Antarctica Forecast

PenguinCam at Bernardo O'Higgins
Last Penguin (2009) season - 21 May
Last Penguin (2010) season sometime between Apr 16 and 27
Last penguin (2011) May 1 or 2...
Last Penguin (2012) Still there May 8
Last Penguin (2013) about May 10
Last Penguin (2017) - May 23, 2017

Click for Base Bernardo O'Higgins, Antarctica Forecast

Bernardo O'Higgins view

The camera sometimes gets covered in snow.

What the Penguin cam looks like

PenguinCam big View
Bernardo O'Higgins Penguins
Penguins and RadioAstronomy!!! (good low light level camera!)
Dish Cam with Penguins
Bernardo O'Higgins Penguins
Penguins and Radio Astronomy!!!

closer penguin cam
Bernardo O'Higgins Penguins
This camera is off to the right of the images above...

Zoomed Penguin
Bernardo O'Higgins Penguins
Zoom of the one to the left!!
Click for Rothera Point, Antarctica Forecast

James Clark Ross - Webcam on the bridge (location of the ship )

Watch for albatross, icebergs and ...

Click for Grytviken, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Forecast

South Georgia webcam
South Georgia

From Larsen House, King Edward Point.
Occasional King Penguins, , Elephant Seals, Skuas, Gulls, Giant Petrels, Bergs (Fur Seals)
Click Image for second Webcam view

Rothera and South Georgia bases are operated by the BAS - British Antarctic Survey
HalleyBaseWebcam   Rothera Base Webcams   Bird Island (SG)   James Clark Ross (ship) Webcam   Ernest Shakleton (ship) Webcam page

The World is Round(continued)!!! and the Reason for the Seasons

This section will slowly add more webcams to help with the understanding that the world is round, as well as "tilted"

Click for Barrow, Alaska Forecast
Utqiaġvik Alaska
click for larger image
Waiting for a new cool image :-)

Utqiaġvik (formerly called Barrow), Alaska - We (Ka'u) are the farthest South High School in the States of the USA - they (Barrow High School) are the farthest North
Utqiaġvik is north of the Arctic Circle - look at the Ice on the Arctic Ocean! Watch it melt for the summer

Southern Daily Sea Ice

Northern Sea Ice

Southern Sea Ice
A view of Hobart, Tasmania
Webcam at RoseBay High School - Hobart - Tasmania

Time and Date in Nepal / in Nepali

One of the many ports to take you to Antarctica! Hobart is where many explorers headed south from, and returned to. Mawson had one end of his communication system just to the right and uphill from the bridge.

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Pu'u O'o Live -- Halema'uma'u -- Mauna Loa Summit
Pu'u 'O'o Thermal - Webcam Links

Kompozer for Win/Mac (OSX)

Hawaii Earthquakes

WxtoImg - NOAA / Weather satellite image capture (Win - Mac - Lin)

Most of the images are from external websites - USGS, NOAA,

Mauna Kea Webcams

WXtrack - Satellite tracking (Win)

Hawaii Volcano Observatory, Weather Underground,

Mauna Loa Webcams

Graphic Converter (Mac)

Australian Antarctic Division, New Zealand Antarctic, US NPS, various Mauna Kea

Australian Antarctic Division Webcams
Davis - Casey - Mawson - Macquarie

Firefox (Win - Mac - Lin)

observatories. The URLs from them can tell you where I got them.

Arctic Webcams you can see the archives here

- if they are yours and you object to the way I'm using them for my

Mt St Helens Webcam HD

Google Earth (now with Mars, Moon&Sky too!)
(and a "hidden" flight simulator!!! Can you land on Olympus Mons?)

- classes - drop a line and I'll remove then, add or change the acknowledgements.

Weather Underground

Thank you in advance
Celestrak - Keplerian Elements to track Satellites satellite and iridium flare prediction!

Gliderat the link, click "Enjoy Life" Citizen Weather Observer Program Citizen Weather Observer Program Weather Underground     Pahala Weather

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