Christmas Is, Marquesas
Sao Tome, Libreville,
Mogadishu, Seyschelles,
Maldives, Sri Lanka
Singapore, Brunei
Feng Yun 2C
Koror, Kosrae,
Nauru, Tarawa

These images show the locations of various geosynchronus weather satellites (Thanks to Sir Arthur C. Clarke in Colombo, Sri Lanka) More importantly for this purpose, they show where the sunrise / sunset is happening in the main areas of the world and our equatorial weather monitor. (thanks also to

Coastal locations have weather that may be moderated by the nearby ocean (not so hot, not so cold). See if you can detect the change in temperature as a function of time of day!!

If there is a location along this "line" (within about 8 degrees of the equator) you would like me to add - drop a line... e-mail me Some locations are not reporting regularly - so NA (Not Available) shows up on the weather tag.
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