Mr. B's Silly Quiz

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Every year I give all of my students a quiz I call "the Silly Quiz".
In Fact, it is not Silly at all, and all too often it is depressing. Over the past 10+ years, I have given this to students from grades 6 to University, and the results are sobering. I occasionally add a question or two, or take one out...

This is the test for this year -

Take it yourself - Give yourself 10 minutes - just write down the answers.


1 - Do penguins have fur or scales?

2 - Do bats have eyes? (that's the flying bats, not baseball bats)

3 - How many people have landed and walked on the moon?

4 - You are standing on the moon holding a pencil. You let go of the pencil, what happens to it?

5 - What causes the Phases of the Moon?

6 - Imagine there is a ball sitting on the front desk. Any kind of ball is fine, soccer, baseball, tennis ball, ping pong ball. Draw and label a front view of the ball, a side view of the ball, and a top view of the ball.

7 - Write down the names of the 7 continents on planet Earth, a country on each continent, and a city on each continent. (the city does not have to be in the country, but does have to be on the continent!)


In years gone by I've added a drawing of a solar or lunar eclipse - as seen from above the solar system, the number of women who have been to the moon, how many people have gone around the moon,...... and more.


Want Answers and descriptions?