Mauna Kea Views

Snow in Hawaii

A few images from my last trip up the mountain 1/29/06

Images copyright ted Brattstrom 2006

Looking at Subaru, Keck 1, Keck 2, IRTF - the mountain on the horizon is Haleakala - 10,000 ft tall on the island of Maui


L to R - Keck 1 - Haleakala on Maui - Keck 2 - MrB


The "Shadow" of Mauna Kea at sunset
(the space where the atmospheric dust particles are not illuminated by the sun)


Sunset - Sub-millimeter valley in shadow, Subaru catching the last rays - The clouds are down around 7000 ft elevation over Kona


 Images copyright ted Brattstrom 2006

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