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Some Halemaumau images from the current Ash/SO2 eruption

Tasmania 1 - Dec06-Jan07

L to R – Top to Bottom

Black Currawong – Lisa – Waratah (a member of the Protea)
Flowers from the Dove Lake circuit in Cradle Mountain
More Flowers from Cradle Mountain – with ted and an Echidna in between
The Octopus of Binalong Bay, the Cave Cricket of Mole Creek, the Thylacine of Hobart and the Wollemi pine of the arboretum.

Tasmania 2 - Dec06-Jan07

L to R, Top to Bottom

Tasman Peninsula from Tasman Arch
Stream in Cradle Mountain Nat Park
Cows Crossing, near Wynyard
Binalong Bay
Binalong Bay
Mt Ida on Lake St Clair – in Lake St Clair/Cradle Mt. Nat Park
Alpine Tarn at Mt Field Nat Park
Ted at Nelson Falls
Lisa at walk to Nelson Falls
Penguin beach at Burnie

Western Australia 1 June-July 07

In a generally L to R:

Lisa with an extinct Wombat
Ted with the Mundrabilla Meteorite (11 tons)
Lisa on Rottenest
Quokka on Rottenest
Emu on sidewalk in Exmouth
Lisa by Whale Shark - Exmouth
Emus crossing the street - Emouth
Australian Pelican -Monkey Mia
Beware of Bandicoots - Denham
Ted on "Shell Beach"
Camping at Broome Bird Observatory
Our Ancestors - Stromatalites - Hamelin Pool
The (a) Boab
Kalbari National Park
Wolf(e) Creek Crater
Geikie Gorge

Western Australia 2 June-July 07

Emus trying to decide if they should cross the road
Ted in Bungle Bungles - Purnululu
Flowers - more flowers...
Echidna Chasm
Bungle Bungles and water
Lisa the Miner - Newman
The Mine - the mountain formerly known as Humpback
Water Monitor..
Crepes and more - Freemantle
Purnululu butterfly
Termite mound - Purnululu

Western Australia 3 June-July 07

Cathedral Gorge - Purnululu
Ted - at "dad's house" in Paluma
Freemantle street - and some coffee shops
Detail of ironwork roof
Freemantle Market
Parrot Feather - Kings Park - Perth
Friendly Terror Birds - Kings Park
Red Wattle Bird and Banksia (KP @ P)
Kangaroo Paw (flower) 2 shots (KP @ P)
Banksia (KP @ P)
another Banksia (KP @ P)
do not look at the 3 pictures... the outside of Lisa's office space, the inside of Lisa's office area (no label on her desk) and Lisa in her cubicle / space
Eucalypt flower (KP @ P)
Byroon Bay beach - note the 2 surfers leaving the beach... not a lot of people on the beach. (NSW)
Chowchilla - Paluma, QLD
Noisy Pitta - Paluma - QLD
Honeyeaters, hanging from Lisa's hand - eating a grape
Lisa and Ecky the parrot (a wonderful and talkative bird)
Lisa at the Paluma Pottery
Lisa and the Honeyeater - Paluma
The Frosty Mango and old World Heritage area sign

All images copyright ted Brattstrom / Lisa King 2006, 2007, 2008