Lisa and Ted
June-July 2008
More fun in Australia

Lisa was working on her surveys, and I showed up to keep her company - and help out with surveys, data entry, and sight-seeing

Fraser Island

The roads are a bit rough! and made of sand - 4WD is mandatory
Kookaburras and Dingos and Kites and Banksias and epiphytes oh my
North of Indian Head - East side
Ent and Ferry
Perched Lakes

Carnarvon Gorge

Cool Side canyon and Kookaburra
Lisa King and her Ferns!! Gorge view
Admiring the artwork


Lisa and a new friend
A selection of car images - a good piece of the road, and car repair, outback style
"our house" at Adel's Grove
Fossil roo
Mike Archer explaining it all
Lawn Hill, Lisa doing surveys in the "mushroom" and writing a paper after
Big Bird bones and gizzard stones
Lawn Hill river forming new carbonate tuff

Lark Quarry, Lamington and Brisbane

Lark Quarry - site of the only known Dinosaur stampede
4 species of dinosaur represented - the big track is the allosaur type that stalked and scared everyone else.
Brisbane museum - Diprotodon (big extinct wombat(ish) thing) and a bicycle built for 4
Don't feed the ibis (or the wallabies for that matter) - it's OK to feed the rosella if you are inside the feeding area. - O'Reillys
High Tech battery charging
Natural Arch waterfall Springbrook NP (next to Lamington, and part of Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Hertage Area (one of the survey sites)

Paluma and the Paluma Push

Female Victoria's Riflebird
Male Victoria's Riflebird
Male Satin Bowerbird
Lisa, Robin, ted, gary in the mist
Bill and Linda
Checkpoint 2 for the Paluma Push - 40km for the recreational riders - 60km for the competition riders.
One of the injured - and some directors waiting for the bikes to come...

It was a good time.

Aviation images '08

Fraser Island landing areas - on the beach on the eastern shore
Adels Grove - outback airstrip - Check out the AvGas Price
Gregory Downs Emergency Strip - It's the highway!

Previous Years and Things

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