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Multi-Frequency Sun
Multi-Frequency Sun - with field lines

Multi-Frequency Sun BIG

Multi-Frequency Sun BIG - with Field Lines
The Sun - Driver of the Weather

The Sun - extreme UV - 171 Å - 1,000,000 K

Click on the image for the sun in different frequencies!
Try Multi-Frequency Sun for a fun time!

The sun in sort of visible light

The Sun - Continuum - about what it would look like if you looked at it direct
(please ONLY look at the sun with proper filters!)

What does a Spotted Sun Look Like (from 2001 - the last peak)

rotating sun from STEREO

The sun according to STEREO - a pair of spacecraft "ahead" and"behind" the Earth's orbit,
to allow more of the sun to be seen. In the EUV at 195 (similar to the SOHO image)

The Area around the sun - Watch for CME and Comets!
Occasionally, Planets can be seen. The random streaks are Cosmic Ray Strikes


Solar Flux -a measure of the energy coming to us from the sun,shows how active the sun is
A is a moving average of the K,
K is a measure of the Geomagnetic activity (a good aurora predictor!)
Solar Activity Glossary

With More Solar Activity comes More Auroras!!!!


NOAA Northern Hemisphere Aurora Map
The Red Arrow points to the Sun ("noon")


NOAA Southern Hemisphere Aurora Map
The Red Arrow points to the Sun ("noon")


Click on the World Sunlight Map link below to See Larger Versions and choose Different Map Projections
Watch for the Equinox (~Mar/Sept 21) and Solstice (~June/Dec 21)

So - You'd like an interactive one of these.... I haven't made one, however, there is a really cool one HERE
For even more fun, you can have it view from satellites, moon, sun....

Another Solar Maximum!!!

Another Solar Max

NASA's Solar Maximum Mission 14 Feb 80 to 2 Dec 89
with astronaut working on it in 1984

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