How to make an Ice Penguin

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This is Pamm Fredette, I wrote to you about doing the Ice Carving of the penguin. Well, we did do it, and as requested here are the pics.

My partner in this endeavor was Clint Harris, also a student at Oklahoma State. We started out with a full block of Ice weighing 300 lbs. and separated out the penguin, leaving a half block of ice in the back. Usually we separate the whole item and do a 3D image of whatever we are doing..but this time we decided to leave it and portray some mountains in the backround.

I hope you enjoy our pics. The pic that *inspired* this sculpture was the one from your page *the chinstrap* penguin..

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm the one with the black and purple jacket..*S..Take care..and have a great day.. Pamm Fredette

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