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Ian Campbell <za>


Favourite penguin....... Do I have a choice??????

(for newer members - Ian had a house full of African Penguins)

Tom Sutro wrote:

My favorite penguin is the chinstrap.

John Kendrick wrote:

my favourite is the Rockhopper penguin

SpacePenguin wrote:

my favourite penguin is the Adelie

Mine is the Gentoo, they just look so sweet; followed closely by the magnificent Emporers (which incidently, John, we've seen at Kelly Tarlton's, NZ).

MamaPenguin (SpacePenguin's Mum) beverley dunn <au>

From: Maxwell 'Ice #3' Bottiger

Subject: Re: What's your Favourite Penguin?

My favorite penguin is the Emperor Penguin. They live in the coldest region of all the penguins, and the fact that a penguin can stand around naked in the cold and nobody looks at them funny is one of the major reasons I love penguins.

From: penguinbob - Robert Shoemaker

Subject: RE: What's your Favourite Penguin?

My favorite Penguin is Chilly Willy, the clever, resourceful little guy in the cartoons who always managed to get a fish and a warm place to sleep. Now I know I risk being reminded that Chilly Willy was frequently depicted with polar bears, dogs and other critters not indigineous to a native habitat. That's OK because Chilly Willy was on a show with a talking woodpecker who wore clothes.

Chilly Willy was my first introduction to Penguins. I liked him because he was little (like me) and he always was able to overcome obstacles through his persistence and resourcefulness. One of my favorite items in my collection of penguin things is a large serigraph of Chilly Willy sitting by a pot-bellied stove cooking a fish.

As I grew up, I learned more about penguins, their behavior, their habitat, their predators, and the threat than Man poses to their survival. I developed a respect for their ability to thrive under the harshest of climatic conditions. And yes, they are cute. After all I like seafood, swimming, caring for my young and I waddle a bit when I walk, too. But all that knowledge did not endear me to them nearly as much as the image of little Chilly Willy, or Opus, or the dancing waiters on Mary Poppins.

Of course, I live far away from real penguin habitats, and have to experience the Humboldts at the zoo, public TV documentaries and in books. So it is easy for me to attach myself to the idea of penguins, rather than the actual bird, alive in the wild. And I like the idea of Chilly Willy.


From: AnaMaria Frias <pt>

Subject: Re: What's your Favourite Penguin?

My favourite penguin is:

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - Emperor Penguin - because he is Magnificent & Beautiful

On Tuesdays & Thursdays - Adelie - he is lovely

On Saturdays - Chinstrap - he is so cute

On Mondays - all of them - because... the more I know people, the more I like Penguins!


From: Monica & Jorgen 

Subject: Re: What´s your favourite penguin

Without competition, the Rockhopper, looking so punky. Sort of reminds me of the Gremlins. Anyway, closely followed by the Emperor, for their beauty.


Mony - Sweden

From: Wendy Rupe <alaska>

Subject: Penguins of course!

By the way, my favorite penguin is the Emperor.

Keep cool!


From:  Jim Percic

Actually, I'm not partial. I like them all equally.

Go with the floe.

Jim P.

From: Carla Coble 

Subject: Re: What's your Favourite Penguin?

Naturally, mine is Opus. I have a similar history to the introduction of penguins, as did Mr. Shoemaker.

My fiance' at the time, gave me an Opus, sitting, that his roommate was going to throw out because he didn't sell him at a garage sale. Bobby ran out of money at the gas pump, and had gone .83 cents over. He walked home, asked John if he had .83 cents, and said that we could keep the Opus if he would give him .83 cents.

I have since collected about 15 Opi (plural) altogther since 1992, and from that experience, noticed that penguins in general began to catch my eye. I then too, learned their history, and began taking notice of their individual breeds.

We still have that original Opus, and he sits on the dashboard of my Volvo in a cup holder, looking over the highway as I drive and yell things at stupid drivers. Yep. He's been there all the way with me.

On our honeymoon, we stayed in a cabin in the East Tennessee Mountains, and got a little punchy one day before leaving. So, we decided to put Opus in every picture that we took of the cabin. He's sitting on the sign in one, on the deck railing in another, on the bed in another, and we made sure not to make him obvious, so he's just in the background, enough to make you go "HEY! There's a penguin in every shot!!!" It's just the kind of folk we are...

I like Opus because he first made me blow milk out of my nose while reading Bloom County. Now I get sentimental over milk and cookies...

Opus (:>

From: Angela Van Leent <au>

Subject: Re: My favourite penguin

I don't really have a favourite i just love'em all.

My story of how I got into penguins started 21years ago. When i was still a little baby, i had a penguin bath, it was a blue bath with a penguin motif at the top. And i loved penguins since then. My mother use to call them ducks as penguin was a bit of a big word for a baby. So my first word was duck but i really ment penguin. And i have collected them since it is a piy though that i still do not have the bath.

My first penguin would propably be, i can't really rememebr( i have a enornmous collection, which is expanding due to my boyfreind penguins that come to stay in my 2 bedroom apartment. I need a house soon just to fit my collection.There is penguins in everyroom nearly everywhere you look)

But it would have to be Nappy Rash. My mother knitted him then stuffed him and one day he got dirty (when i was about 2-3) and he got washed and all his stuffing fell out and then got restuffed with cut up nappies. Hence the name nappy rash.



Maxwell 'Ice #3' Bottiger

This occurred to me today and I thought I should share it. I guess you guys are about the only people who can appreciate it so, here I go:

I met a girl a little while ago who is also into penguins and she asked me why I liked penguins. It was about at this point that I couldn't remember why I liked penguins. This really disturbed me since I do enjoy all the postings from this group and you all seem pretty sure of why you adore these animals so much. This has been bothering me for about a month.

I was sitting in my room today, and I looked on my wall and saw a penguin picture I bought about a year ago. I suddenly remembered why I like penguins. The picture is of a penguin with a backpack and walking stick on a long dirt road in the country side. He looked very far from home but at the same time determined to get where he was going. I had purchased this picture my second day here at college. I really found comfort when I looked at this fella. He was a symbol that I could associate with. A friend, in this new world.

I don't know who painted him, but I loved it so much that I adopted it as my symbol (after a fashion). I've been collecting penguin items ever since. I have a wide range of stuffed animals, walking penguins and even one carved of balsa wood. He is the only one I've ever bought. The others have all been gifts from my family and friends.

When I look at that picture I feel better somehow, and I feel reassured that I'll be alright. Anyway, it's almost 1am, and I have lots of hard work to do tomorrow (yea... I love school....) Good Night everyone, and Keep Waddling.

From: Susan Gillotti

Subject: why I love penguins

Hi everybody,

I just thought I would share with everyone why I love penguins like I do. When my older sister was a toddler someone gave her a 3-foot tall plush penguin that blinked its eyes and waddled. My sister really liked how it winked, so, for our entire childhood we both (as well as our much younger brothers) called penguins wink-winks. So I've always thought that they were wonderful.

It wasn't until I was going through a pivotal, tough time in my life that I started really collecting penguin items, and learning about the different species. One day, around Christmas time, I was working at a convenience store, one of three jobs that I was forced to work due to some extreme personal problems. That day, as I was bagging an elderly woman's groceries, I noticed a cute pin on her lapel of two penguins on skiis with little red hats. I commented to her how cute it was, and she then proceeded to hand it to me. Keep in mind that I had never laid eyes on this woman before. I refused to take it at first, feeling a little bad that she would want to give it to me. She was adament that I take it, saying that "I want this to go to someone that will appreciate it."

Well, needless to say, from that day forward I have found comfort and peace in learning about penguins and collecting penguin stuff. I truly think it helped me get through a dark period of my life, so that I could arrive where I am now--in college, happier and healthy.

Well, I sorry if that was too long, sappy or rambling--I just wanted to share my funny reasons for cherishing penguins!!

Thanks and take care,

Susan M. Gillotti

From: Cathy Sniegocki 

Subject: ...and my favorite...

My favorite penguin is the little blue fairy penguins...not that I've ever seen any but hearing of them and seeing pictures....i'm in love...

Love in penguins,



I like emperor penguins and little blues. I always liked penguins, but I like them even more since I saw them at Sea World. I like emperor penguins because I have a big stuffed penguin named Phil (but he is alive) and he is an emperor penguin. I like little blues because they are the smallest penguin and they have something in common with me, because I'm short.

Trevor Gladden

Age 11

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