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For the use of my students, and any other teachers that want to use them as a basis for making their own / or just plain use them

Legal Disclaimer - These powerpoint presentations are ones I've put together for use in my classes and for my students. Images have been obtained via the net under the fair use doctine of the copyright laws - as well as copyleft - and some of the images are mine.

Disclaimer 2 - The powerpoint presentations here are my guidelines and reminders - each has a series of additional stories and interpretations and embellishments when presented. The key information is there - the bigger story is missing. Of course, student response adds to the overall experience.

Disclaimer 3 - They are also always in flux!!! so they change occasionally - as I get better images, or understand things better, or have better stories to present. ALSO - some are incomplete!!!

To Cheat and see what is there without the descriptions - before I have them all linked

Intro To Science

The Scientific Method - MrB Style                     The 9 steps to the Process of Science
The Senses - Observations and Inferences           Intro to the senses - and how what you think you see might not be what you see
Sound 1 for Senses                                              You need this for the sound "illusion"
Sound 2 for Senses                                              You need this for the second sound "illusion"
Five Blind Men                                                    The classic story - How Observations can lead to Inferences...
SI Units and Measurement                                    Yup - that good old Metric System
Steps to Hyperspace                                             How to get to 4D - You should do the Mobius strip sometime around this PPT
GLOs                                                                   Short quick discussion of the GLOs
Daily Weather                                                       A description of the Daily Weather data taking
What's Up With the Weather                                 What to do with the weather data
RTQ-UTQ-ATQ                                                   Read the Question - Understand the Question - Answer the Question
SQ3R                                                                   (I can't remember what this stood for - reading comprehension)

The Colors of Light - (not just the rainbow)       The electromagnetic spectrum...
Telescopes                                                        The basics and some pictures
ITB - In the Beginning - the start of the universe  The start of the universe! I use this as the beginning of Astronomy
Galaxies                                                              Types of Galaxies - Hubble tuning fork
Star Clusters                                                        Globulars and Open clusters - Oh My!
Birth and Death of  a Star                                     Star formation and death   (needs a little re-work)
Dying Stars 1                                                       One of these is supernova, and the other is regular stars
Dying Stars 2                                                        They could stand some work....
The 4 Seasons                                                       Yup - the reason for the season.... 
Astronomers                                                          A gallery of Astronomers - old  and new
We Went to the Moon                                           Some of the "how to shut down the moon hoaxers"
Rockets                                                                 Rockets.... some historical....
Size - How big we aren't!                      ** Good for getting a sense of scale **  (The movie Powers of Ten is also highly recommended!!!
The Planets                                                           Pictures - Pluto is a planet !!!!  :-)
Solar System report                                               Info for a SS project / report
Constellation Report                                              Info for a Constellation report
Phases of the Moon                                               Phases of the moon - how they happen
Finding Asteroids and More                                   How people find asteroids and comets
Meteorites                                                             Meteorites - more than you wanted to know (I'm working on this...)
Tides in the Bay of Fundy                                       When you talk about tides, it's handy to have some images of the most extreme case...
Early Space Flight                                                  Some early space flight history (needs more work)
How to "Go" in space                                             The perennial question with some answers
Shadows                                                                Eclipses and Transits - oh my
Moon Craters                                                         Craters and ages of craters


This selesction is in need of  additional work...

Orbits and Orbitals                    
States of Matter                        
The Elements                                                    This is part of the Element Mnemonic I need to finish it off :-)
                                                                         I do 1-23 in a week, then 1-36, then 1-54, then 1-86
                                                                          in the animations directory, also use Elements7.swf  !!!
Types of Reactions                      
The colors of Ink                      
e- P+ N0                            

Newtons 3 Laws