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Weather Pole to Pole

Weather around the Equator

Multi-Frequency Sun

Some Hawai'i Links:

Ka'u HS Weather

Hawai'i Eruption Images
Pu'u O'o Live HVO Halema'ma'u
Halema'uma'u Overlook - Best at night    
Kilauea Eruption Update

Sarawak Time

UTC Time

Miri and Sarawak Area Weather

Asia Weather from Satellite
MTSAT-2  IR1 channel - Koichi University
click for larger

Asiasat image

Click the Triangle in the Circle Icon to get the Big data out of the way - YES, you can move things around and look at weather patterns in different places.

Miri on a poor day - from the NewStraitsTimes

Global Sea Temperatures
With this, you might predixt where cyclonic action would start
as well as track cyclone/typhoon/hurricane progress

Where is ISS?

This is where the International Space Station is Currently
dotted line means it is in shadow, continuous line means its in sunlight - If you are in darkness, and it is in the light
You can see it! - If you have an amateur radio license, you might be able to talk to the astronauts/cosmonauts
or, your school or club could arrange to talk with them.


The Sun - Driver of the Weather

The Sun - extreme UV - 171 ångström - 1,000,000 K

Click on the image for the sun in different frequencies!

The Sun - Continuum - about what it would look like if you looked at it direct
(please ONLY look at the sun with proper filters!)

What does a Spotted Sun Look Like (from 2001 - the last peak)

rotating sun from STEREO

The sun according to STEREO - a pair of spacecraft "ahead" and "behind" the Earth's orbit,
to allow more of the sun to be seen. In the EUV at 195 ångström (similar to the SOHO image)

Soho for Comets and more

The Area around the sun - Watch for CME and Comets!
Sometimes Planets can be seen passing through the view. The random streaks are Cosmic Ray Strikes
Use the Sky Map at to find out what planets are wandering through


Solar Flux -a measure of the energy coming to us from the sun,shows how active the sun is
A is a moving average of the K,
K is a measure of the Geomagnetic activity (a good aurora predictor!)

Space Weather Glossary

Auroral Maps Extrapolated and forcast from NOAA Polar Orbiting Satellites


NOAA Northern Hemisphere Aurora Map


NOAA Southern Hemisphere Aurora Map

Antarctic Sky Aurora Cam

Sky Cam at Syowa Base, Antarctica - Watch for Aurora

Syowa Base, Antarctica
Aurora (if visible) From Poker Flats, Alaska

Live Aurora Cam at Poker Flats, Alaska (N of Fairbanks)
look in winter when it is dark in Alaska)
courtesy - NICT, Japan

Miri, Sarawak - Average Statistics for a year
Miri Annual Temperature
Miri Monthy Min/Max Temperature
Miri Annual Precipitation
Miri Monthly Precipitation
Number of Sunny Days
Monthly Average Hours of Sunshine per day
Miri days of >1mm precipitation
Miri Rainy (>1mm) days

Geosynchronus Weather image links
Whole Earth IRWhole Earth IR 1.525um
Whole Earth Water Vapor 6.8umWhole Earth Thermal IR 10.8um

Antarctic Mania

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Website recommendations
Software Recommendations
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 Hawai'i Volcano Webcams

Hawaii Earthquakes

WxtoImg - NOAA / Weather satellite image capture
(Win - Mac - Lin)

Most of the images are from external websites - Kpoichi University, USGS, NOAA,

Mauna Kea Webcams UKIRT-JCMT
WXtrack - Satellite tracking (Win)

Hawaii Volcano Observatory, Weather Underground,

Mauna Loa Webcams
Graphic Converter (Mac)

, US NPS, various Mauna Kea observatories.

Australian Antarctic Webcams
Davis - Casey - Mawson - Macquarie
Firefox (Win - Mac - Lin)

The URLs from them can tell you where I got them.

Arctic Webcams

- if they are yours and you object to the way I'm using them for my

Mt St Helens Webcam
Old Failthful - Geyser - Yellowstone webcam
Google Earth - Now with Mars and Sky
(and a flight simulator)

- classes - drop a line and I'll remove then, add or change the acknowledgements.

Weather Underground
Document made with KompoZer
Thank you in advance
Celestrak - Keplerian Elements to track Satellites

ZenPenguin's Gigapan images (that's me!)
some cool images to explore


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