Hovering Teachers

Having constructed the Hovercraft, it had to be demonstrated to teachers!!!

We had a Sharing Meeting, so, What could be more fun than hovering around the band room???

The first brave Volunteer
Our first brave soul - skimming across the room - other teachers push him back and forth!

Number 2
Go Eva!!!! OK, the thing is loud too - the blower and the vibrating plastic below!!!

Silver Surfer - I can do this
He couldn't resist being the super surfer - go Tolu!

Volunteer 4
The athlete couldn't resist either!

Another Brave Surfer
OK, someone had to try totally standing -
NOTE - This is NOT safe - it is not very stable, and you are liable to fall over,
shooting the hovercraft in the opposite direction (Newton's 3rd Law)

Yes, we got the principal on the machine!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence Sharon!!!

Finally done and updated 30 August 2018 by ted Brattstrom