What is up with Halema'uma'u inside of Kilauea Caldera

The View from HVO - Hawaii Volcano Observatory

This used to show the Halemaumau Pit crater, with the glowing / steaming Overlook Crater and Lava Lake. A lot has changed!
Draining of the lava and collapse of the Overlook Crater and Halemaumau! With lots of earthquakes!!!
When your mouse is over the image, it will switch to an older image, pre-collapse

View to the left of the previous - showing the continued and extent of the ongoing collapse
The reflections are from the observation tower at HVO, the camera isn't angled right to eliminate them!

New Camera looking down into the deepest area (but you can't see to the bottom)

New camera looking into the deep part

A telephoto view of the far wall of Halemaumau
View of top of vent from HVO

Older images - showing some of the overflow from the 2015 event.
These cameras are no longer in position. And, in fact
, their position isn't there anymore!

View of lava lake

Another Vent Cam

And Down the Rift - At Pu'u 'O'o - Now collapsed into a Pit Crater 1300 ft deep

Pu'u 'O'o

Note - the Magnitude 5 quakes at the summit have the Energy of a "5" but not the propagating ground shaking one would expect

Earthquakes on Kilauea Volcano - April 1 to August 10, 2018

A Multimedia History from USGS / HVO

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