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Weather Pole to Pole

Weather around the Equator

(new)Multi-Frequency Sun

(Weather from Nearby Interactive Radar and Weather Stations)
Some Hawaii Links

Ka'u HS Weather

Hawaii Eruption Images
Pu'u O'o Live HVO Halema'ma'u
Kilauea Eruption Update

 Horned Lizard Ranch Panorama

Horned Lizard Ranch Area Radar and Satellite Weather

Wikieup Radar

Horned Lizard Ranch area Radar - HLR under the word City in Lake Havasu City

Phoenix area radar

Horned Lizard Ranch - Phoenix area Radar
Radar Visible GOES

Visible GOES


Water Vapor GOES



Surface Air Pressure - Isobars

UTC 1100 image

Surface Temperatures
For a good loop, and current image Click Here

 Sea Surface Temperatures and Tropical Storms

Sea Surface Temperatures for the Western Atlantic

Earthquakes "near" Horned Lizard Ranch 

Southern California & Arizona Quakes

CA / NV Quakes
CA / NV Quakes


The Sun - Driver of the Weather

The Sun - extreme UV - 195 Ångström - 1,000,000 K

Click on the image for the sun in different frequencies!

Sun, sort of visible ish

The Sun - Continuum - about what it would look like if you looked

Sunspots near the equator are Cycle 23 spots - farther North or South are new Cycle 24 spots

What does a Spotted Sun Look Like (from 2001 - the last peak)

The sun and nearby
The Area around the sun - Watch for CME and Comets!
Occasionally, Planets can be seen. The random streaks are Cosmic Ray Strikes


Solar Flux -a measure of the energy coming to us from the sun,shows how active the sun is
A is a moving average of the K,
K is a measure of the Geomagnetic activity (a good aurora predictor!)

Space Weather Glossary

Auroral Maps Extrapolated and forcast from NOAA Polar Orbiting Satellites


NOAA Northern Hemisphere Aurora Map


NOAA Southern Hemisphere Aurora Map

Syowa Sky Cam - Antarctica

Syowa Base, Antarctica - Sky Cam - Watch for Aurora

Syowa Base, Antarctica
Aurora (if visible) From Poker Flats, Alaska
Live Aurora Cam at Poker Flats, Alaska (N of Fairbanks)
(look in winter when it is dark in Alaska)
courtesy - NICT, Japan

Live Aurora Cam from Sweden
(Check it out in Winter / when it's dark in Sweden! Look at the image above!)


Click for Base Bernardo O'Higgins, Antarctica Forecast

PenguinCam at Bernardo O'Higgins 

Click for Base Bernardo O'Higgins, Antarctica Forecast

Bernardo O'Higgins view

What the Penguin Cam looks like

Overview of the German side of the base
Bernardo O'Higgins - German Radio Telescope and Penguins
Bernardo O'Higgins - Penguins

Interesting Websites to see
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Pu'u O'o Live -- Halema'uma'u -- Mauna Loa Summit

Halemaumau Lava Lake

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Mauna Kea Webcams UKIRT-JCMT - MKO at night

Mauna Loa Webcams

Antarctic Webcams
SPole -
Davis - Casey - Mawson - Macquarie - Scott
<- - Check out the Macquarie Webcam

Mt St Helens Webcam
Old Failthful - Geyser - Yellowstone webcam

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