Ka'u HS - Learning to Gigapan
Part 1 - Learning the basics

I met Richard Palmer (apapane) taking GigaPan images. Having seen them on the web, and thinking it was a pretty cool piece of technology,  I went up to talk story with him about GigaPan and all that. By the time we had finished chatting, it looked like my school could get a camera or 3 and participate in conversations with other schools around the planet. Cool!

A few weeks passed, a few e-mails passed, and the cameras came!!! Richard came over to the Big Island from Oahu to teach us how to take pictures / stitch images / upload images. That got our feet wet (ok, we only got splashed a little taking some of our first pictures out at Punalu'u.

Here's our, "at School on a Saturday" lesson pictures...

Present and accounted for:
Steve Stephenson, Tyler Amaral (Tylera), Leilani Desmond (Klutz), and myself, Ted Brattstrom (zenpenguin) with Richard Palmer (apapane)

Unpacking, reading instructions, calculating the positions, setting up the camera on the mount.
Tweaking that which has to be tweaked!
Explaining how and why
Mr Stevenson gets some hands on experience.
<- Setting up the top and bottom levels to calibrate the Gigapan

Taking the first set of images ->
Not an exciting one, inside my classroom as a demonstration.
Now to go outside!!!

Sorry Leilani!
Using Richard's set up - a different camera / mount.

And getting an image of part of the school. It's quiet because it is Saturday.
Thanks Richard!!!!!

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