H.H. Nininger's Meteorite Museum
at/near "Meteor" Crater

March 2007 

Not far from the start of Meteor Crater Road, off I-40, a potholed road goes off to the east. That road was Route 66! Along the side of this road is an old structure built of mud, concrete and moenkopi sandstone that is slowly falling apart. This was the site of H.H. Nininger's Meteorite Museum and "Meteor Crater View".

Visitors could climb the tower for a view of Meteor Crater - however, that view was essentially the same as you could see from the parking lot, and nowhere like the view you could see at the Barringer's site at the crater! This, of course, caused stress between the Barringers and Nininger.


From the SW


From the NW with Meteor Crater in the background on the right.


View from the S, with the tower


Looking up the tower, a pair of Ravens have built a nest in the window


Some other visitors to the site - Meteor Crater in the background



The walls were made of the local stone, Moenkopi Sandstone, much of which shows "fossil" ripples from the time it spent underwater.


This is what the museum looked like when it was in business on the side of Route 66 - He eventually left for Sedona and relocated the museum there.

Museum in its hey-day

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