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June/July '09 - Lawn Hill Impact Structure - again - Kelly West at Tennant Creek 

June/July '08 - Lawn Hill Impact Structure - Queensland

June '07 - Western Australia - Wolf(e) Creek and Picanniny Craters (only from the air - as it rained and the road was closed :-( I'm already planning the 2009? mega-crater tour... )

"Spring Break" '07 saw me visiting friends and family - additionally, Meteor Crater, (Baringer 2 and 3), the remains of the Nininger Museum, and the Holbrook and Gold Basin meteorite strewn fields (no luck!)
"Winter" '06-'07 found me returning to Australia - this time to Tasmania. The hole in the ground for this trip was Darwin Crater in southwest Tasmania. Known for and by it's impact glass - Darwin Glass - it is an out of the way and overgrown crater. I didn't quite make it the last 3 km - snakes and leeches and an overgrown trail! I also got to visit some penguins!
The "summer" (June/July) of 2006 found me wandering the Deserts and Rainforests of Australia. Highlights included some "Holes in the Ground" - Henbury and Gosses Bluff, A Big Rock, and an ancient Rainforest. Of course, being in the southern hemisphere, it was winter, which made the outback much more tolerable and cool!

With a bunch of snow on top of Hawai'i's tallest Mountain - Mauna Kea, what could I do but visit - January 2006

Summer 2005 was a trip to Turkey - In addition to the geological and cultural wonders of Kappadokya, I went on a "pilgrimage" to discover if there where pieces of the black stone of the Kaaba were in Istanbul. Some people think this stone may be a meteorite.

Spring 2003 found me first in England and Wales, but then I went to Nordlingen in the Ries Impact Basin, and Steinheim Crater - another crater to the west that was part of the same impact event. It would have been a bad day in central Europe 14 Million years ago - molten glass flew 350km and large rock and ash went all over.


as always, more to come...


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