Meteorite / Impactite / Impact Glass
Country Rock

(not in my collection )
Mundrabilla - 11.5 tonnes - Western Australia Museum - Perth


From my collection, or image taken at the location
Scale cube is 1 cubic centimeter

Henbury Craters



11.9g and 9.8g examples of Henbury


5.7g Henbury - classic red dirt surface

Country Rock


This is a selection of material from around the craters - the "country rock" of Henbury.
The top left piece is from the overturn flap on the Water Crater, other pieces are the basic gibber plain material.
One piece was magnetic, so there was an accidental piece of meteorite! (see below)


Scale Cube - Meteorite - magnet



Wolfe Creek Crater

Meteorite Shale


131.86g Wolfe Creek Crater Meteorite Shale


Sliced Wolfe Creek


Darwin Crater

These samples were collected by me near Darwin Crater - but outside the Park :-)

Darwin Glass - impact glass / "tektite"  (More Darwin Glass)



Country Rock

Gosses Bluff

Photographed inside the Gosses Bluff ring

Shattercone - inside the Gosses Bluff ring
Shattercone - inside the Gosses Bluff ring


Ries Crater

Ries Crater - small map

Visited sites - with samples (Zipplingen and Ronheim samples not online...  Circle with no name is Langemuhle)

Suevite - Otting Quarry - impactite

Suevite - Thin Section - Otting Quarry


Bunte Breccia - slice and thin section - Aumuhle Quarry



Polsingen Impact Melt / "Red Suevite"


Fladle - impact glass



"Crystalline Rock" - Langemuhle

Malm Limestone - Altenburg
Ries Belemnite - Shocked fossil
Ries Belemnite

Moldavite - tektite originating in the Ries Impact



Shattercone (Sontheim Museum)

Barringer / Canyon Diablo

Moenkopi Formation - Fossil Streambed (wall of Nininger Museum)

Moenkopi Nininger museum wall

Coconino Sandstone / Sand

Kaibab Limestone - from near crater


Meteor Crater "Sand Kit"
Kelly West

Shatter Cone
Kelly West Shattercone

Lawn Hill Impact Structure

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