Barringer Crater

These images were taken on my first trip, in the days of digital cameras that used 1.4M floppies as storage - It was also a Tawaki trip. I'll be re-visiting in 2007.


Tawaki in the old Ninenger Museum with Barringer crater on the horizon

A Canyon Diablo Meteorite - They did say if we could carry it away, we could have it!!!

Tawaki views the crater from the rim

On the hike to the trail the astronauts walked down into the crater

Upturned and flipped over pieces of Moenkopi formation on the crater rim

Tawaki as Astrogeologist - examining the upturned Moenkopi strata

Just visible in the bottom - some of the drilling sites. At the time, Barringer thought the main body of the meteorite was buried under the crater, or under the far wall. In truth, it broke up and/or melted, forming the Meteorite Crater Speroids.

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