There is one geology site that people
come from all over the world to see


(formerly called Ayres Rock)

 Geology and beauty are secondary, this site is a sacred site, a cathedral and living scripture to the local people. If you visit, learn some of the traditional information about Uluru, come to respect the oldest continuous human culture in the world (30,000 to 55,000 years). Please respect the wishes of the traditional owners and don't climb "the rock", and don't photograph or visit off-limits sacred sites.


Impressive all of the time, but sunset is quite spectacular






In the Morning - from a different angle - a constant play of light, color and shadow



In case you didn't understand the size and seriousness of the outback,
every once and a while there are helpful signs.


Petrol is Gasoline in American English, Avgas is short for Aviation Gas - what you put in your Cessna, it will mess up an unleaded vehicle. Diesel, of course, will really mess up your standard car.
Spare petrol cans, large fuel tanks, several spare tyres/tires, lots of water is part of what you need to have for some of the real outback "road" trips! BTW - no, cell phones don't work there!!! No cell towers.


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