Portraits of an Impact Researcher
or something like that...
Ted Brattstrom
BA Chemistry
MEd Curriculum and Instruction / Science
MS Geology and Geophysics / Planetary

ted with mundrabillla
Here I am with an 11.5 ton piece of the Mundrabilla meteorite - Western Australian Museum, Perth, WA

ted at Otting
This is the sign used for Ries Crater sites. This one is at the entrance to the Otting Suevite Quarry.
It's more and more difficult to get on an airplane with a rock hammer!!!

ted at Henbury
Looking at the gibber surface of the Henbury crater area - Crater #5 behind

ted and Peter set out for Lawn Hill
Peter and I, getting the GPSs set before the hike into the Lawn Hill Impact Structure

ted in Lawn Hill
Near the middle of the Lawn Hill Impact Structure
Tailings from the mine in the distance.

windy barringer
A very windy day at Meteor Crater

Impact sites visited: Meteor (Barringer) Crater, Ries, Steinheim, Henbury, Gosses Bluff, Darwin Crater (close), Lawn Hill, Wolfe Creek (by air), Piccaninny (by air), Kelly West

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