Henbury Meteorite Crater(s)

Earth Impact Database data 

June 2006

The Pre-Taste - at the museum at Alice Springs

This was an early 3D map of the site
with more investigation, not all of the "craters" on this map turned out to be impact craters


The View From Above
Henbury from Space
compiled from maps.google.com
with Crater ID Numbers

A couple of large pieces of the Henbury Meteorite.
Somehow I think they would notice if I staggered out of the museum
with my backpack seriously sagging!



Lets go!!! 130 km south of Alice Springs - heading towards Uluru and South Australia on the Stuart Highway - Make a Right



There's the turnoff! 100km of Unsealed Road...
(not a seal for a 1000km if the truth be known)


We weren't towing a caravan (Australian for Trailer), and the road was
un-paved (unsealed in Australian) starting just a short way down the road.
We made it! Only 15 km!
(the noble car has also made it to Lawn Hill and Kelly West - and it could have gotten pretty close to Gosse's Bluff)


Remember to leave your pets at home!!! Ahhh, who let the camels out?


Welcome to the Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve! No Pets! Watch out for Camels!


Not a lot of visitors come down the 15km dirt road, avoiding the camels, to see holes in the ground
but, there is an outhouse and some shaded picnic tables, and you can spend the night!

Hey, there were 5 people there at once!
(2 of us, 3 of them)


The signs, and entrance... crater 7 and 6 vaguely seen in the background



NASA was here!


OK, now how many craters can you see? (the answer at this point is 2! )


Crater 3


One of the unique things about Crater 3 are the two Rays. Similar to some lunar craters, there are two distinctive ray features extending out from Crater 3. Pretty cool! This ray starts just to the right of the right end of the panorama above. A second ray starts near Lisa in the panorama above and almost parallels this one.


The intrepid geologist, looking at rocks. Crater 5 in the background


Left to Right: Crater 8, Crater 6 (the Water Crater), Crater 7

Crater 7 from the NE
(the Water Crater - 8 - is over the left rear wall)

Crater 7 from the W
This is the biggest / and most likely a double crater

Looking towards craters 8 and 7 (with 6 behind 8) from the ejecta plains to the north

 Text and Images by ted Brattstrom 2006 - updated 2-Aug-2009