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MOAE Suite
Monitoring Our Active Environment

KHS Weather Page
Used at the beginning of my classes - Lots of Info!
KHS Weather Station Page


Weather Data via Findu

Up to date weather station data -- Direct -- and with History via WeatherUnderground

Check out the cool Wunderground Map - zoom out to see the whole island / State

We are now participating in the Citizens Weather Observer Program!
KHS Weather Satellite Page

Latest Images
Latest images from space - All static filled ones are night time passes - I'm still getting this worked up right :-) OK, I have to get the paid version of the software and add a pre-amp on the mast.
        Weather Satellite Primer        Mr B's Satellite Watching Primer
KHS Seismometry Page
Latest Earthquakes detected at KHS - Seismometer not yet up or running... next?? priority
We are participating in QCN - Quake Catcher Network - An accelerometer is glued to the floor and using BOINC - quakes are watched.
Ka'u Science SO2 and Vog

phase 2 - past data + In need of Updating :-)

Multi Frequency Sun
Cool way of looking at the sun - SOHO and Visual and Magnetogram and....

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Mr B Miscellany:

 Other Weather Pages  Horned Lizard Ranch
Keaau Middle School
SMART Center
West Virginia
Alaska Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Old Index / Starting Page
This will link to some older NCLB related commentary, some projects at Keaau Middle School and the like
Craters and More
My visits to Meteorite Impact Sites - Stuff added sporadically
Revival of the Penguin Pages - one  of these days... 
Weather Pole to Pole
Watch the effect of the inclination of the Earth
Weather Around the Equator
Watch the effect of the spinning Earth
About Mr B
Pretty much what it says

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